Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of the church is our mission to spread the Gospel to the world, which begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. In attempt to make it easier for our Pastors to access information that can aide them in this mission we have established this page and the links included in it. 


Resources for LMCs and CMCs

For details on the ordination process, or to access the needed forms please click the link above.


State Required Clearances

Don’t know what your state requires for Pastoral clearances? Check out the link above! We have compiled all the links and information on one page for each of the 3 states we serve. (WV is still currently under investigation.)


Pa Security Grant

Gov. Wolf of Pennsylvania is offering a grant to non-profits, such as church and synagogues to help with security measures, and prevent further tragedies such as the one that happened at the Tree of life Synagogue. For more details click the link above.


Lost your ‘Focus’? The most current issues of our monthly Newsletter can be found here! 



Dates, event details, and (coming soon) registration! Everything you need to know about whats going on in the Conference and when in one easy location!


Conference School of Ministry 

Classes are offered in the Spring and the Fall. Whether you are looking for credentials or just trying to beef up your ministry with more knowledge and better honed skills, check out what the conference has to offer! (Page currently under development)


Want to learn more about the Free Methodist Church and what it’s doing on a national scale? Check out the link above!
Community Resources
We are aware that many of our Pastors have aging congregations and likely elderly parents. That time of life can bring many challenges, so in a continued effort to put resources into the hands of our Pastors that can help them to better serve their flocks we would like to introduce you to

At, we offer free, expert help to families coping with the many challenges of caring for an aging loved one. More than 40 million people in the United States care for someone over age 50, yet most have little preparation or experience when they begin their care giving journey.


To make that journey a little easier, we provide personal, one-on-one guidance with a Family Advisor, thousands of original articles, helpful tools, comprehensive Senior Living and Senior Care directories, and the collective wisdom of an involved community.’s carefully researched and expert-reviewed content includes advice from a team of more than 50 trusted leaders in geriatric medicine, law, finance, housing, and other key areas of healthcare and eldercare.