Covid-19 Response
This is a time to take serious measures to protect the health and wellness of our church families, and our country as a whole. To many this may seem like a hopeless time, but with Jesus there is always hope. Even in these dark times we can shine the light of love and encourage not only our families, but the families that are watching us in our neighborhoods, and on social media. In a measure to keep that light of love shining and adhere to the Presidents suggested course of action we have established this page as a resource for our Pastors. Here you will find links for information on the virus symptoms, cautions you should take, changes to our ‘social distancing’ policies, and encouragement from our Superintendent Doug Rabe.

Tuesday Prayer Meeting!

Posted by Doug Rabe on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

At this time, as gatherings are now limited to groups of ten, we are asking all churches to go online. If you have a Facebook account, great you are already a step ahead!
We recommend using Facebook live to share your service.
Provided below is instructions on going live if you already have an account.

How to go live on Facebook

  1. Go to your Facebook News Feed and press the Live option (the camcorder icon)
  2. Write a video description.
  3. Select a privacy setting by tapping the ellipsis in the bottom right corner and opening up Audience Restrictions.
  4. Add a Facebook Live filter, lens, or doodle. (if you choose to.)
  5. Press the “Start Live Video” button.
If you need to create an account for Facebook the link is provided here.
If you have a webpage for your church this would be a good time to look into live streaming from there as well, or just simply posting your videos to the page so you can continue to meet the Spiritual needs of your congregation.
Suggested by a church in our Conference we have also added a page on how to host, and the protocols, for a drive-in church service. HERE
Without tithes and offerings we all know that the church cannot function. From when God first placed priest over the body of Israel, he made ordinances for how the Levites would be provided for.
Deuteronomy 18:1-2

18 The Levitical priests—indeed, the whole tribe of Levi—are to have no allotment or inheritance with Israel. They shall live on the food offerings presented to the Lord, for that is their inheritance.

Again, we are happy to provide a solution to this problem for your church. Thankfully we live in a time of great technology, so in addition to online services you are also able to offer online giving! This may be a blessing in disguise for many churches, as statics show that churches who offer online giving show a 35% increase in annual revenue.
Online giving can be set up on Facebook if you have a Paypal account but it’s not the only option. Provided below is a link on some of the best ways to collect online tithes and offerings.
If you have an  established church website, you may even have an option for online giving through that platform as well, if not you can use one of the suggested options and add the link to your website!
Symptoms and Best Practices
Knowing the symptoms is a huge part of keeping the virus in check. To the right I have provided a chart to help you distinguish if you may be suffering from the virus.
But knowing the symptoms is only helpful after its been contracted. In order to help stop the spread we ask that everyone adhere to the ‘social distancing’ policies enacted by our Government and the ‘Common Protocol’ set forth by our BOAs. Below you will find a list of the common protocols as well as a link to the complete PDF version.
1. Everyone participating in any ministry of the church MUST WASH OR SANITIZE THEIR HANDS upon arrival and after touching anything!
2. Everyone must strictly adhere to the 6 feet social distancing protocol.
3. Masks and gloves must be worn by all in the set up and performance of your ministry duties.
4. If you are sick, feel like you might be getting sick, or are coughing, or have a fever STAY HOME!!!
5. For those preparing and distributing food, backpacks or any other items, they must wear gloves and a mask and if possible, a hospital type gown. In addition, a safety zone should be established for food, backpacks or any other items to be placed on a SANITIZED table or surface where those who are receiving the service can pick up their own items. Nothing should be handed to a person directly.
6. Those involved with DELIVERIES should wear masks and gloves and leave items on a porch or walkway and let those receiving the item(s) pick them up.
7. All teams involved in Drive-In Church and/or Worship Services should follow the protocol established and outlined here.
8. No more than 10 people should be in the same space at the same time and that space should provide the needed six feet or more between persons.  
9. NO ONE attending a Drive-In Church service is to get out of their vehicle. Attenders should be instructed to please use the restroom before leaving their home. No one other than the Drive-In Church team should enter the church building before, during or after the service. 
10. The Transporting of People is potentially the most dangerous of the ministries the church can assist people with during this pandemic. Therefore, special precautions should be made in order to carry out this important ministry.
A. Larger vehicles, that can create greater space between people, are preferable.
B. The vehicle should be sanitized before and after transporting a person.
C. The person doing the transporting should wear a mask, gloves and if possible, a hospital type gown.
D. The rider should wear a mask and gloves. 
For the complete list of Common Protocols please click the following link Common Protocol.

Person-to-person spread

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.

  • Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
  • Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.
  • These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.
  • Some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.
  • Maintaining good social distance (about 6 feet) is very important in preventing the spread of COVID-19

Spread from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects

It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus. CDC recommends people practice frequent “hand hygiene,” which is either washing hands with soap or water or using an alcohol-based hand rub. CDC also recommends routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

How easily a virus spreads from person-to-person can vary. Some viruses are highly contagious, like measles, while other viruses do not spread as easily. Another factor is whether the spread is sustained, which means it goes from person-to-person without stopping.

  • The virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading very easily and sustainably between people.
  • Information from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic suggest that this virus is spreading more efficiently than influenza, but not as efficiently as measles, which is highly contagious.
New Orders from the Governor in Pennsylvania.
All non-life Sustaining businesses must close their physical locations. Everyone who can work remotely should do so.
At this time churches are considered life-sustaining. But we ask you to consider working from home if at all possible.
For more details, including what qualifies as a life sustaining business, please visit
At this time our federal government has chosen to extend the social distancing until April 30th.
For the latest on the Coronavirus from our federal government, please visit
For more information on Covid-19 and how it impacts the elderly or chronically ill visit
Newest information coming out of Ohio
In addition to orders to limit or prohibit gatherings, Ohio public Heath officials released orders March 19, 2020 that all business operation at hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, body piercing locations, tanning facilities and massage therapy locations.
For more details and the most current information visit:
The Latest information From West Virginia
In addition to limiting restaurants to carry out, or drive-thru, and delivery options only and closing casinos statewide Governor Justice issued orders March 19, 2020 to close all business operation at hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, body piercing locations, tanning facilities and massage therapy locations.
For more details and the latest information on West Virginia’s response please visit: