Church Planting

Every Pastor a Planter

The conference expects that every pastor is responsible to develop new areas for evangelism through establishing cell groups following the CCP model and/or developing a church within a church such as God’s Choice and 3rd Step Recovery Church.

Mission Pittsburgh

Recruit, train, and place a team on the South Side of Pittsburgh.  The team will live in the same complex that will house a coffee house, Bible studies, discussion groups, and worship events.  The goal is to develop a model for establishing several churches in the city of Pittsburgh. 

Develop Planters From Within

LMCs and CMCs will be encouraged to be part of church planting efforts in order to inspire them to consider leading a church planting project. 

Be a Part of Community Church Planting

The Community Church Planning (CCP) program seeks to facilitate church planting and discipling movements until the task of the Great Commission is completed by promoting first century church planting principles. These have led to churches multiplying daughter churches and disciples multiplying disciples down through the generations.



Sensing a call to church planting?

The Harvest Conference is looking for church planters. Contact Superintendent Douglas Rabe at (724) 513-4641 or

The Vine

Pastor Adam Stuck and his wife Brenda.