Our Pittsburgh Conference Focus

Our Vision:
Every Pastor a Planter
Every Church a Global Church
Every Pastor a Planter means our pastors are…
Focused on Multiplying
Focused on Multiplying
Planters Multiply Ministries like…
God’s Choice Church
A church for those with special needs. Pastor Shirley Elosh shared at Annual Conference 2017 that there are now 14 God’s Choice Churches. Now that’s “Every Pastor a Planter”! Pastor Shirley is leading the way in the Pittsburgh Conference in Multiplying Ministries! If your church would like to join this growing ministry contact Pastor Shirley at: got2tell@gmail.com.
3rd Step Recovery Church
Raeanne Barlow is the Director of   3rd Step Recovery Church at the Monacrest Free Methodist Church in Monaca, PA. Raeanne’s team ministers to those in recovery, their families and friends. A 3rd Step Church may be an opportunity for your church to multiply ministry where it is truly needed in our communities! Contact Raeanne at billbarlow@verizon.com.
Biker Church
Pastor Chuck McLaughlin leads a monthly church for bikers, their families and friends! Another opportunity to multiply ministry. Contact Chuck at shoaf.fmc@gmail.com
These are the creative ministries Pittsburgh Conference is encouraging its pastors and churches to Multiply.
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